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es, that is me in the picture above. I'm barefooting, which is to say: waterskiing without water skis.

t's a mental illness that runs in my family: my Dad's been doing it for about 25 years, my brother Dave learned about four years ago (and is now by far the best of the bunch), and I learned three years ago. My brother Steve claims he's made it once, but alas, none of us were there to witness it!

m a bit of a wimp: I still step off of a single ski to start my barefoot runs, as does my dad. Dave can "deep water start", i.e. get up by coming out of the water sitting on his butt, moving out of the boat's wake as the boat accelerates (to about 40mph!), and then planting his feet and standing up. If you think that's impressive, wait'll I get around to describing his tumble turns.

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Waterskiing links

new.gif Check out the INT (International Novice Tour) and the American Water Ski Association for info on Tournament Waterskiing.


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