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"For us to ignore by inaction the slaughter of American civilians and American soldiers, whether in nightclubs or airline terminals, is simply not in the American tradition. ...Self-defense is not only our right, it is our duty." --Ronald Reagan

Who am I? If you want some idea of how I think, check out my blog. Otherwise, if you want a convenient shorthand, try traditional Catholic (faithful to the Magesterium), wife to the best man on the planet, mother to two wonderful children, and loved child of God. Some of my favorite saints? St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Francis de Sales.

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In this section, I talk about what's new. In general, I list recent news at the top so that things filter down to the bottom, but I sometimes annotate older entries, and if I do that, I always have a New! image beside it.

July 4th, 2005

America! Don and I spent the Fourth down on my mom and dad's ranch. We really love getting to see some friends whom we often only see on the Fourth. My mom has come up with lots of great decorating ideas, and the food is always awesome. We always enjoy this patriotic holiday.


In May 1999, we moved from our Condo (my home for 6 years and Don's for a year and a half) to our own 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. We love our home!

View from the street View of the back yard

Our Eighth Anniversary

Our rings We've been married for over eight years, and it has been wonderful! The greatest (and only) love of my life, Don Roberts, and I wed in November 1997. All I can say is that when you're married to the one God wants for you, married life is the best!

This year I cooked up some Indian food since money was a little tight. We lit the candles and used our best china, and had a magical evening.


New!Don and I used to sing in the Catholic Community of Pleasanton church choir, and we even sang on the CD, titled Share the Gift, which the choir produced. Since we've been attending St. Margaret Mary parish in Oakland, we've been treated to Gregorian Chant as our regular fare, and it's hard to imagine we used to sing, as ministry, music that is generally quite poor compared to the rich tradition offered by our Church.

Our only problem now is that it takes both of us to make sure the kids are behaving according to our standards, so we're not reallly free to take a turn at singing Gregorian Chant. But perhaps when the kids are older, we'll be able to.

Benefits from Natural Family Planning

We have found the charting we done for our Natural Family Planning (NFP) very helpful. (No, I'm not talking about the rhythm method!) This charting indicated from early on that we might have some problems, and my NFP instructor eventually recommended that we go to the doctor to make sure everything was okay. As we now know, it wasn't. Turns out I have endometriosis, for which I underwent laparoscopies on April 23, 1998 and September 4, 2001. If we hadn't been using NFP, it would have taken us longer to realize I had a problem. We've been very pleased with the method and recommend it to others. While we use the Ovulation Method, many other folks have great success with the Sympto-Thermal Method. We actually use the Creighton method, which differs a little from the Ovulation Method espoused in the above link, but they're all pretty similar.

My first laparoscopy corrected some problems caused by my endometriosis. The doctor ended up doing quite a lot of stuff (he had predicted just over an hour for the surgery, and it took 2.5), but things worked out well. My ovaries had adhered to the side (top) of my uterus, so he had to cut them free and move them, and he ended up having to cut some endometriomas out of them as well. I also had a cyst between the ovaries, and he removed that, as well as removing several other endometriomas with a laser. (My friend, Jenny Ahern, says I had third degree burns inside my body!) The doctor also found a polyp inside my uterus, which could have caused lots of problems, and he removed my appendix. Whew! If you want to learn more about endometriosis and other reproductive disorders and treatments, check out Women's Health Interactive for some really good descriptions.

My recovery went really well at first, but then I reacted to the pain medication (Vicodin) by getting very sick. We had to resort to anti-nausea medication to finally get things to stop, and all the vomiting left me exhausted and dehydrated. Plus, since all my surgery had been abdominal, it didn't help to have all that activity. I also suffered from some gas left in the abdominal cavity. (To perform the surgery, the abdomen is inflated with gas. It's supposed to be removed afterward, but often, it doesn't all come out.) In my case, unless I was at about a 45 degree angle, I felt sharp pain in my shoulders like someone was stabbing a knife into them. But I pulled out of all those problems and day by day recovered, though I was essentially bedridden for some time. It took much longer than I expected -- about six weeks to feel completely restored. I started working from home during the third week, and returned to work during the fourth week. It was quite an experience.

After my surgery, I had to go on a drug called Lupron. Lupron shuts down the body's production of estrogen, thus forcing the patient, that is, me, into an artificial menopause. All the lovely, lovely symptoms of menopause accompied this treatment, including hot flashes and bone loss. Don teased me that I'm just so close to my mother that I had to go through menopause with her! Happily, my treatment period ended in January 1999, and the hot flashes are history.

New! The second surgery went a little better. I decided I needed to go to an expert in laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis. This surgery lasted 3 1/2 hours, and would have been six or seven, except, joyfully, none of the endometriosis removed in the first surgery appeared to have grown back. The doctor removed some adhesions from the first surgery, again freeing the ovaries, but most of his work involved the cul-de-sac region, where the first doctor said he had been unable to remove all the endometriosis. I did stay overnight this time (and I'm glad I did), being released the next morning to go home. I had more pain this time, but never got sick from the vicodin because the doctor prescribed anti-nausea medication at the same time. I didn't have much residual gas left over from the surgery, so I never had the sharp shoulder pains that I had the first time, which made walking around much easier. So far, I've been recovering for a week and a half, and while still in pain, I feel that I am recovering faster than I did from the first surgery.

Unfortunately, doctors still know of no cure for endometriosis, so I might have to have this surgery again in a few years.


New! We work out fairly regularly at 24 Hour Fitness, lifting weights and doing cardio. I am also now doing something called Fun Physical Fitness with the kids, and we're all enjoying it quite a bit.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy


I come from a long lineage of conservative thinkers, and I'm proud to wear the badge of a conservative. And I'm even part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! Imagine how pleased I was to marry a man who is equally conservative (and you thought it couldn't be done!)

For conservative news and information, check out, and for legislative information, go to Thomas.

If you want to remind yourself of the reasons for America's independence, check out The Declaration of Independence, and then continue on to read the US Constitution.

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